Monday, June 28, 2004


Hate when this happens.

Had this hilarious blog entry all written up, and the browser quit on me.
I had already clicked the ‘Publish’ button, but apparently, it was too late. The blog entry was lost.

This kinda bums me out, for it’s always quite a challenge to get my neurons to actually work on something, and when they finally do, this happens. No fair. So much effort, wasted!

Serves me right, for trying to write blog entries online, directly from the Blogger site. When you do it that way, there’s no such thing as a backup. When glitches occur (and they always do), your work is lost forever.

From now on, it’s only blog-by-mail for me!!

Unless I forget. (Hey, it’s me we’re talking about!)

I spy with my little pink eye...

Today, as I woke up, I felt overcome by a light itch in my right eye. I rubbed my finger carelessly against the eyelid, and this simple action triggered a nuclear-size itch which made me rub my eye harder and harder until it started to cry. As my eye was filling up with water, I knew this was no normal itch.

Something was definitely wrong with my eye.

I ran to the bathroom in a frenzy. But there, a furiously bloody sphere was looking at me. Took me a couple of seconds to realise that I was, in fact, staring at my own eye. Yep, it was no pretty sight. The whole white portion was now a beautiful crimson. It was all evil-like, very cool. Too bad the burning and itching made it unbearable.

The way I figure it, this morning I had some dust particle in my eye which was causing the initial itch. When I scratched, I just made everything worse.

In the end, my mom got me some drops, but they made my vision get all blurry.

Since I couldn’t read, drive or use a computer, I was spared from my Lexcorp labours for the whole day.

Who says having pinkeye was a bad thing?

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Happy Teacher's Day!

June 25th is Teacher's Day in Kzanderallia.

To all of you teachers out there, CONGRATS!!

This time, I decided to let my creative side loose and made little cards for every teacher I know.

Ten of my cowokers are teachers, so each of them got a little card and a choklit from me.

I have three teachers at home: my parents and my granny.
So I took 'em out for dinner last night. It was fun.

The best part: there was no soccer in sight.

It's soccer season. Hurray.

No, the title of this post isn't lacking a final exclamation point.
It's actually depicting the odd situation that I'm in right now.

Kzanderallia is soccer nation. People live and die for soccer. Literally.
They go to the stadiums, they see the games on television, they read about them.
Folks with money go to expensive clubs to play their own matches, while the financially challenged play on the street. Young or old, EVERYBODY loves the game.


I'm not one of them.

I don't like soccer, in fact, I don't like sports in general. I don't like to play 'em, and even less, to watch them on the tube. When I'm at the gym, I cling to the only TV set that isn't tuned to ESPN.

I see the people cheering and screaming at the tube, and ask myself, "Is there something wrong with me??? Why can't I interest myself on this sport?? So many people like it, why can't I???" I know I could try to learn about the game, the history, the players. I could even learn to play if I wanted to.

If I wanted to.

I have no idea why I'm like this, but it can sure make you feel alien amongst your compatriots. Specially now, that the EuroCup is playing. It's everywhere. At work, on the papers, on the news. When I get home, my dad and my sisters talk about the day's game. Portugal is in, France is out!! OMIGOD!!!

And I'm thinking, "SO WHAT? Why is the fate of a soccer team relevant?? I mean, they're Europeans, for Gosh's sake. They all live in another friggin' continent! It's not like you know any of these people, or that your life is gonna improve somehow by their triumph or defeat."

But, of course, none of this is ever said. I just let them have their little soccer frenzy while I go up to my room, lock the door and perform more relevant tasks, like writing in my blog.

I can't wait for the EuroCup to end. Then I'll finally have my family back.
For a while, at least.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

H2O is falling on my head


It’s rainy season in Kzanderallia. Or at least, it seems that way.
Weatherwise, you can never be sure of anything.

I hope the rain spell lasts. Another week in this heat and I’ll go mad.


I need some Schadenfreude...PRONTO!

Two girls at work graduated in the last two months.
A guy who was five years behind in school is gonna graduate in a month or so.
So is a guy who was a year behind and even dropped out two years.
One of my best buds will graduate in about three weeks.

Everybody’s graduating... But me. Not fair.
In my own defense, I AM working on graduating, but these guys beat me to it.

Still, right now I’m totally bummed by everybody else’s success.

Could somebody please fail miserably so I can feel better about myself??

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sometimes it ain't easy to blog

Did you read my entry called "In Purgatory"?? Well, lemme tell you: it was a trial to put it in the blog.

First I sent it by mail and it worked fine. But then, I noticed it needed editing. So I tried to edit it, but it sent off error messages. So I tried deleting it and sending it again. Bad idea.

After almost 12 hours of unsuccessfully sending it over and over, I finally chose to log in and write it in myself.

Now you know the kind of sacrifices I do for my loyal readership.

Yes, the both of you.

In Purgatory

This post's title was originally gonna be: "In Hell", but it was a bit much, for I this is a place that certainly has a lot of dread and dispair, but it has its joys as well.

I am talking about work.

Although not exactly Paradise, my job at Lexcorp is usually bearable. The pay is OK (could be better, thou) and the hours are nice. I usually get off work about an hour and a half before the rest of the poor slobs elsewhere. This is good, 'cause I get to beat the rush hours, but I specially like it because it enables me to take on part-time employment at Culture Publishing House, which has allowed me to balance my budget and sustain a decent lifestyle.

Best of all, both jobs are in design, so I actually get paid for doing what I learned in school.

So everything is just peachy, right?? Think again.

Lately, life at Lexcorp has gotten harsh. Here's why: Every six months Lexcorp churns out a compilation of the work done in that amount of time. Every "book" is in fact composed of three to four volumes. And each volume is 300 pages long, solid text.

That wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that work on said publication had been abandoned for about three years. Now the powers that be want the collection up to date by August. Problem is, that means 32 volumes, or about 9600 pages, total.

Right now, we are currently a month behind schedule. My boss is a total wreck, and keeps pressuring me to work faster and harder. As a result, I am tense all the time, my mood is lousy and I'm starting to develop a nasty twitch on my left eye.

Just last week, my doctor asked me to reduce my stress levels. Now, I guess THAT will have to wait.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

When having a fan is a bad thing

I have a fan.

I bet you’re thinking, “Big deal, KZ! With your sharp wit, charming personality and good looks, that’s to be expected.”

But no, it’s not that kind of fan.
I mean the electric appliance.
You know, the kind you use when you’re hot.

No, not THAT appliance.

The fan I’m referring to is “a machine using an electric motor to rotate thin, rigid vanes in order to move air, as for cooling”.

Got it?? Great. Let’s move on.

As I was saying, I have a fan.

This fan is a hand down from my parents. I really appreciate it, ‘cause this room of mine can be quite the furnace after a while.

Here is the fan, in short:
The good news: it works
The bad news: as any discarded appliance, it’s starting to break down, so it takes quite the expertise just to turn it on.

So this is what happens on a typical night. You’re hot, and you want to activate your fan. After pushing all the buttons in a chaotic manner, it starts to function. The blades are spinning, the air is getting circulated and a nice current is starting. So far, so good, right? But then, as it starts to heat up, it begins to make a horrid noise. It’s the most annoying and loud kind of noise you’ve ever heard. It’s like Tarzan’s yell, plus a wounded elephant and a rattling airplane motor, all rolled into one.

Being quite the tech expert, you proceed to remedy the situation in the way you deal with all malfunctioning machinery: you smack it, jiggle it, shake it, hit it and abuse it until it stops making the racket.

Ah, the noise is gone, the air is cool. You have vanquished the infamous Evil Fan.

Everything is right with the world, once again.

A cheesy kind of tragedy

I love cheese: I always have.

I like to eat it in any color, shape or form.

One of my favorite quick-fixin’s is to grab a lot  of cheese, put it in a bowl and stick it in the microwave for a few seconds.
The resulting cheese melt is great with crackers and tomato.

So let me say this one more time: I LOVE CHEESE.

But Fate can be very, very cruel.

I got some blood tests done recently, but they didn’t come out so well.
As a result, my doctor has ordered me to avoid all milk products for three weeks.
This means milk, cream, yogurt...
...and CHEESE!!

After the doctor told me the tragic news, I was flabbergasted.
I still am. I can’t fathom a cheeseless world. It’s a horrible concept.
But that’s gonna be my life for the next three weeks.
Somebody kill me.

Is this what Hell is like?

Monday, June 14, 2004

Un-real television

I thought soaps were bad.
But that was before I knew about 'reality tv'.

What’s so realistic about it??? It’s taped in low-quality video. And it looks that way.
Since it is ‘real’, a script is basically non-existant. Also, people featured in such shows are ugly.
Beauty, apparently, is not ‘real’.

Big Brother, The Real World, Road Rules, Average Joe, Jackass, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette,  Survivor, American Idol...

Blog? What blog??

Again, I’ve neglected my blog for a ludicrous amount of time.
Big surprise.

About two weeks, I think.

By now, I wouldn’t be shocked if my readership count had finally dropped to zero. Couldn’t blame them, really.
When people visit a blog, they want a regularly kept account of experiences that are interesting, funny, or thought-provoking.

No wonder nobody’s reading this blog!

Get a life. Period.

A few weeks ago, I came to the lunch area at work to find a couple of women in what seemed to be a normal session of gossip.
But this was no ordinary chitchat:

-Well, Deyanira is such a nice girl, not like Lukia.
-Did you know that Lukia once cheated on her boyfriend with his best friend?
-I think she never loved Nosros. I know for a fact that she hooked up with him just for his money.

It took me a while to realize that they weren’t talking about actual people, but characters on a soap. A soap!!

I just don’t get soaps or ‘daytime dramas’, as they’re also called.

I find them kinda absurd. Everything is so over-dramatized, and the plot twists are so outlandish. Usually, script is bland and the characters are lame and stereotypical.
But that’s ok. It’s how the genre is.

What I don’t get is how people are so willing to tune in day after day for months, even years. Don’t they have other things to do?
Are their lives so empty, that they need to live other people’s live instead?? Who knows.

But hey, to each his own. If people want to spend countless hours in front of the TV, that’s their choice to make. Personally, I couldn’t do it. I can’t stand long, endless stories.
I like to get to the point fast, and want my stories to do the same. Also, it seems as kind of a slavery of sorts.
No thanks.

It kinda pisses me off, though, when those people start talking about what the characters did on the last episode, like those ladies in the coffee room were doing.
I badly want to stand up and shout: “GET A LIFE, LOSERS!!”. So far, I’ve always managed to refrain myself.

But I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to.

Getting Hot in Here!!!

Damn, it’s hot.

I got a fan whirring away about ten inches from my face, but still feels like a furnace. And it’s not even daytime!!

It wasn’t always like this. We used to be called “The Land of the Eternal Spring”, or something like that. The reason being, it was cool in here. You couldn’t go outside without a sweater. Not to chilly, not too hot. Lovely climate, really.
But that was before the good ol’ Kzanderallian people started choppin’ down all the trees and pouring cement all over the place. It wasn’t long afterwards that the weather patterns started get all screwed up. The rain season got shorter and shorter and the summer got longer and hotter.

Nowdays, Kzanderallia is a torrid town.

Doing anything in this heat is tortuous. Walking, sleeping, eating, breathing... Anything.
Air conditioning is a total lifesaver. But not everyone has that.

I feel for the sorry souls that have to venture into traffic with those oven-like vehicles they have. Imagine: you’re under a blazing, charring sun, sitting inside a hunk of metal that’s trapping all the heat. You’re covered in sticky, heavy sweat. Your butt sticks to the upholstery.  The cars aren’t moving an inch. And then, a guy starts honking away like a jackass.

Under such circumstances, road rage is more than understandable.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hey, where is everybody??

Why isn’t anybody posting comments??
Does this mean that I’m not getting my usual quota of readership??

I will not lie and say that this doesn’t affect me, ‘cause it does.
I am a silly, vain man. I need reassurance and validation on a regular basis.
The comments served me in both ways, but now they have stopped completely. For days.
DAYS, MAN!! As I am totally vacuous and shallow, I’ve found myself obsessing on this fact.

I mean, what could be better than reading my blog??

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Post explosion!!!

Wow, that was six posts in one night!!
That's gotta be a record of sorts!!

Ok, gotta go to sleep for now. This overworked brain needs the rest.

Raindrops are falling on my head...

Today, as I got down from the car to go to the gym, I decided to grab my raincoat and umbrella, just in case. It was so lucky I did, ‘cause it started to pour massively a couple of minutes later.

Ahh, it's winter season in Kzanderallia. About time, too.

After months of scorching heat, the rains have started to fall a couple of weeks ago. A month late, though. This you can chalk it up to deforestation of the nearby areas. Who would know you couldn’t cut down all the trees for lumber and expect the weather to sit still? Not the lumber mills, for one.

A night at the movies with Kz

You know, when I go to the movies, I try to appreciate the good and the bad aspects in a film. Maybe the plot was bland, but hey, the effects weren’t as bad. Or maybe the effects weren’t so good, but the concept was fresh. Or whatever.

This way, I rarely come out disappointed.

Now that doesn’t mean I can’t tell a good film when I see it. I do, I really do.
Also, when a film is sucky beyond repair, I can tell too.
But luckily, most films have at least some redeeming quality.

One thing you must have, though, is a clear idea of the kind of film you’re paying to see.
It is quite absurd to demand Shakespeare-level writing from a blockbuster. If you go see an independent film, you can’t expect happy endings galore.  
I mean: get a grip, people!!

Crushing people to death and other banal stuff

Traffic can be murder. Seriously.

Just the other day, I was being Mr. Competent Driver, minding my own business while driving 70 MPH down a city street, when a moron walked right in front of my car.
The guy was on drugs or totally drunk, for he only noticed he had wandered to the middle of the road when I started honking at him like a maniac.
He just looked at the 3 tons of steel coming at him, shrugged, turned around and walked towards the sidewalk. Good thing he did, for I don’t know if I would’ve been able to break in time.

Driving is definitely not for amateurs.  

About the length of my posts

Maybe you haven't really noticed, but I tend to use big type and small paragraphs. I also have a tendency to use a lot of short words, and sentences of reduced length.

That not coincidental, it’s a reflection of who I am.

As the years have passed, I’ve noticed I have VERY short attention spans. Blame it on the TV, if you like. Some call it ADD, short for Attention Deficit Disorder.
Now, I’ve never been actually diagnosed with ADD, but to me it’s as plain as day.
You see, I get bored fast. If you want my undivided attention, SORRY! you can’t have it.
Or at least, you can’t have it for more than a few seconds. Minutes, if you’re REALLY good.

That is why I’m not really good at writing lengthy pieces. I get bored halfway! Also, I figure that a lot of people are like me, so I try to get to the point fast.
Maybe this explains why I got stuck writing my thesis. I couldn’t really bring myself to read the whole thing, so I didn’t really read it that much.
And when you consider that I was the one who had written it, it’s no wonder it tanked. HARD.

My impatient nature doesn’t help things, either. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get this far academically.

But, I’m working on my alleged ADD. I’m trying to focus myself more, and not let my mind wonder so much.
I’m resting more, also, for I’ve noticed that when I’m tired, my attention levels drop even more. I think I’m making a lot of improvement.

Ok, enough of this!!
Let’s move to the next post already!!!

Let's get blogging, people!!!

Yeah, I've slacked off quite a bit. Last post was back on May 28th!!
It’s not that things worthy of being mentioned haven’t happened.
The thing is that I’m still not used to blogging, so I haven’t made the time to sit down, order my thoughts and blog.
That isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.

Several days, I’ve told myself, “Today, I’ll blog!!”
But then, I end up doing other stuff (web surfing, checking my mail, talking to my girlfriend, etc.)
By the time I decide to blog, I’m way too tired, and then I just go and plop down on the bed and snore away.

But not today. Today, I’ve got a zillion things to blog about. Just have to get my ideas together in my head.
I dunno how other bloggers do it. Some people have Bible-like blogs, with tons and tons of material each day. I admire their discipline. And the way they can reach inside and pull out great pieces of blog.
Wait. “Pieces of blog”??  That doesn’t sound right!
But you know what I mean. These people blog their hearts out.

You gotta respect that.