Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Have you ever seen Crash?? It’s a creepy film, man. It’s about a secret community of weirdoes that get turned on whenever they’re on a car crash. These are really sick people. They take pictures of traffic accidents because it makes them hot. Even seeing crash test films makes the horny devils want to do the horizontal mambo. I don’t know what made me dislike this film. Maybe it was the man-to-man love scenes. Or maybe it was the cross-dressing. Could’ve been the cripple-sex. Truly, I am not sure.  

But now I know why the kid at the video store kept looking at me funny while I was renting it out.

I banged a lady

I was driving to my school last Friday, to return some overdue books at the library. It had been a rainy afternoon, and the traffic was bad. Then I saw the lady in front of me suddenly slowing down. I tried to brake, but the pavement was wet and the tires didn’t take hold.

It was kinda funny, actually. I was driving at around 20 kph, so it was a slow collission. It felt like the car slid for a lifetime before slamming into that lady’s rear bumper. Sort of like slow motion: S.....L.....A......M.....!!!

I got a bit shaken, but not too much. After a quick damage assesment, we knew the following:
  • She was ok
  • I was ok
  • Her car was ok (just a banged-up bumper)
  • Mine was not

Since my car hit the woman’s bumper with the right headlight, it got totally pushed in, along with the hood, the bumper, the grill and the front side of the car. Yeah: OUCH.

Luckily, both of us were insured, so it was a matter of waiting for the insurance guys to show up (they would eventually show up about an hour later, due to traffic).  We moved our cars to a nearby gas station to clear the way and to minimize any posibilities of having the Kzanderallian police show up. (In case you have skipped posts, they are bad news). The lady turned out to be quite nice. We even had a cup of coffee together while we waited inside the gas station. It felt kinda surreal to sit there and talk to her like we hadn’t just crashed a few minutes ago.

In short...

It’s confirmed:
Crash the movie is nothing like real life.
Traffic accidents are a total turn-off.

Monday, October 04, 2004


A few days ago I reached the top ‘user status’ rank: Baby Buggy Bumper. What this means is that I have made over 3200 comments in the forums. I like to think of myself as an ‘active forum participant with a noted inclination towards frequent written participation and with a focus on the enrichment of the thematic pool’.
Arsi has a word for this: BLABBERMOUTH.  

Who’s talkative?

It was never my intent to become a ‘Baby Buggy Bumper’. I just saw a lot of opportunites for commenting in the forums, and went ahead and did it. That’s all. However, the comments started piling up over time, and here we are.

But this rank can give people the wrong idea about me. Just because I’ve posted 3200 times in 16 months, it doesn’t mean I talk a lot. I just talk often. There is a diference.

Most of my comments are short, which is no wonder when you take my famed impatience into account. If you bundled them together, I don’t think all my comments would amount to more than three full pages of text. Need more proof? Take a good look at the blog you’re reading. Large type makes up for the fact that I don’t write that much! When you compare this blog to Cyn’s or hbomb’s, you can easily see that they have more words in just one page than I do in my whole blog!!

However... 3200 comments in little more than a year...

Oh, what the heck: I guess I do talk a lot.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh arsi, how I wish you were wrong about this one

Recently, I was over at Bunny Corner and I was reading a post where arsi said that Haloscan, the company that provides the commenting service in my blog, was deleting all comments older than four months. I decided to checked this for myself and was dismayed at the results. At least one comment has been erased so far, but it was an important one: it was my very first comment ever. I even made a post mentioning that very fact. Now that posting is completely pointless, since the comment that originated it is gone. Many precious gems by dpenguin, Taz and arsi (yes, the bunnymeister himself!!) will be lost! Even though I haven’t read some of those comments in months, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind if they disappeared forever.

I must do something. But what?

My guess is that I’ll be switching to Blogger’s own commenting system. It came out about six weeks after I started blogging, and I tried switching back then, but it was a mess. The code was mixed up and I ended up with two commenting links. With Galoot’s help I managed to separate the two. In the end, I stayed with Haloscan, cause it displayed comments in a separate window, without having to leave the page you were in. Also, the interface was way easier to use and manage than Blogger’s. But no feature is too cool for me to allow further massacre of my beloved comments.  

I read how jaymeekaye copy-pasted each and every comment she ever got from Haloscan to Blogger when she switched.  I admire a person willing to perform such a tiresome, monotone task.
Maybe I’ll ask her to switch my comments for me.

Insert your comment here

Visitor comments are very important to me. When I see comments after one of my blog postings, it tells me that people are
a) reading this blog, and
b) so interested in what they read, that they feel compelled to write about it

Writing a blog isn’t easy. I have to turn off my TV, walk all the way to my room, turn on the computer, fire up my mail app, and write.  
It sure is nice to know that all this exhausting effort isn’t a total waste.